Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak + Sumac Wash

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Removes Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Oils
that Cause Rashes & Itching FAST!

Zanfel™ is a safe and effective wash for urushiol-induced contact dermatitis.  Urushiol is the toxin known to cause the itching and rash associated with poison ivy, oak, sumac, Virginia creeper, and related plants. Zanfel works by surrounding urushiol and bonding with it, thereby enabling it to be rinsed away.

Unlike some products that require use within 10-20 minutes of contact or that require continued use until the rash is gone (which can take up to 5 weeks), Zanfel offers relief at any stage of the reaction and often with only one wash. Individuals with particularly severe reactions may require additional washes.

Most individuals experience relief from the itching within 30 seconds of application.  The rash will begin to subside within hours if the reaction is mild to moderate. There are no known side effects. Zanfel works by binding to the urushiol, creating an aggregated cluster. The clusters are easily washed away with water, allowing the affected area to begin healing immediately.

  • Washes away poison ivy, oak and sumac resin (urushiol) from the skin
  • Relieves itching in 30 seconds
  • Safe to use during pregnancy
  • Safe for use on infants and children
  • Safe for use on the face and genitals
  • Indicated for use after outbreak of the rash
  • Works by bonding with the urushiol, enabling it to be rinsed away with water
  • Offers relief at any stage of the reaction
  • One (1 oz) tube washes approx. 12-15 patches the size of an adult hand
  • One (.125 oz) packet washes approx. 6-8 patches the size of an adult hand
  • 10-year shelf life

Polyethylene granules, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, nonoxynol-9, C12-15 pareth-9, disodium EDTA, quaternium-15, carbomer (2%), triethanolamine, water.

The 0.125 oz packets are sold individually.


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