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Tegaderm (IV Film) Waterproof Dressing

Tegaderm (IV Film) Waterproof Dressing

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Tegaderm provides an excellent wound healing environment. This sterile, breathable barrier lets oxygen in keeps moisture vapor out. The dressing is transparent, conformable, hypoallergenic and allows for continual site observation without removing the dressing.

Use this dressing to protect post-surgical incisions and minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns or blisters. Great for boating first aid kits, as these waterproof dressings stay on fairly well - even when submerged!

Available Sizes:
  • MEDIUM - 2.375" x 2.75" (clear window)
  • LARGE - 4" x 4.75" (clear window)

  • X-LARGE - 6" x 8" (clear window)

Sold individually. Latex-Free. Sterile.

The date printed one each Tegaderm is the date of manufacture, and NOT the expiration date. This product expires roughly 4 to 5 years after the printed "LOT >< MM/YYYY" date.
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