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Tecnu® Oak-n-Ivy Cleanser

Tecnu® Oak-n-Ivy Cleanser

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Removes Poison Ivy, Oak + Sumac Oils
that Cause Rashes and Severe Itching.

Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin cleanser is a poison ivy soap designed to wash away the rash-causing oil resin (urushiol) from your skin (and other items) after exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, & poison sumac plants.


DID YOU KNOW that Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin cleanser can not only be used to wash off urushiol from skin before it is able to soak in and give you a nasty (and very itchy) rash, but it can also be effectively used in to remove the resin from clothing in your washing machine Simply fully soak the clothing in Tecnu® Original first for several minutes before washing it as you normally would (with detergent such as Tide, etc.) with warm or hot water.


TIP: If soaking clothing in Tecnu® Original before running a washing machine cycle, soaking the clothing takes a lot more than one would think! Plan ahead and get a bottle of the 32 fl oz, and not the 12 fl oz bottle — we're talking from experience!!

Deodorized mineral spirits, water, propylene glycol, octylphenoxy-polyethoxyethanol, mixed fatty acid soap, fragrance.

The .5 fl oz packets are sold individually.

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