North American Rescue C-A-T Tourniquet (Gen-7)

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One of only two tactical tourniquets authorized for purchase by the US Army, and the go-to tourniquet for any first aid kit, the C-A-T tourniquet by North American Rescue is the only tourniquet that we use for our Bleeding Control Kits, as it's very easy to use, lightweight, and extremely effective.

Advantages of the C-A-T Tourniquet:
  • Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army.
  • New Single Routing Buckle for faster application, decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, and simplified training with single protocol application standards.
  • Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writable windlass security strap.
  • Made in America.
  • Co/TCCC + NTOA approved.


The patented C-A-T is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the C-A-T completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage. The C-A-T utilizes a durable windlass system with a patented free-moving internal band providing true circumferential pressure to the extremity.

Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop windlass retention strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation.

The C-A-T's unique dual securing system avoids the use of screws and clips which can become difficult to operate under survival stress or where fine motor skills are compromised. The patented Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) featuring the proprietary red tip design and the mechanical advantage of a band within a band has been the Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army since 2005.




We ONLY sell the official genuine North American Rescue (NAR) C-A-T tourniquet, and NOT any other variations, as we do not recommend the generic brands (they tend to break when used in an emergency). We only currently carry the Generation 7 C-A-T.


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