My Chicken First Aid Kit (Backyard Poultry Med Kit)

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In one of the first of its kind, My Chicken First Aid Kit has all the essential supplies needed to keep your backyard chicken flock happy and healthy. This kit includes vital tools, solutions and equipment needed to handle both common and serious injuries & illnesses encountered in poultry.

Most of the items included in this kit are recommended by many of the leading backyard chicken experts. Proudly made in the USA. Includes premium popular brands such as VetRx®, Rooster Booster®, Sav-a-Chick® and more. SAVE nearly 40% when you purchase this kit versus buying each item separately on Amazon or WalMart! May be used for poultry, water fowl & other birds.


   •  (1)  Durable, Waterproof Plastic Hanging First Aid Box.
   •  (2)  Antimicrobial Wound Spray
   •  (1)  VetRx® Veterinary Poultry Aid
   •  (4)  Triple-Antibiotic Ointment Packets
   •  (1)  Rooster Booster® Pick-No-More Cover-up Lotion™, 4 oz
   •  (3)  Sav-a-Chick® Probiotic & Electrolytes
   •  (1)  Styptic Bleeding Control Powder
   •  (1)  Piston Irrigation Syringe
   •  (1)  Stainless Steel Splinter Forceps
   •  (1)  Stainless Steel Trauma Shears
   •  (2)  Non-Latex Nitrile Gloves, Pair (Large)
   •  (4)  Gauze Pads, 4x4 Inch (Sterile)
   •  (4)  Gauze Pads, 2x2 Inch (Sterile)
   •  (2)  Gauze Rolls, 3 Inch (Non-Sterile)

   •  (1)  Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6" (Sterile)
   •  (4)  Hypodermic Needles, 18ga (Sterile)
   •  (1)  Self-Adhesive Vet-Wrap Bandage
   •  (1)  Hypoallergenic Silk Tape, 1" x 1.5 Yds
   •  (2)  Disposable 3-Layer Surgical Masks

  • All first aid kits are packed and shipped with contents in individual waterproof resealable poly bags.All of our first aid kits are custom built-to-order to ensure that our customers have the longest medication expiration dates possible. Please allow 3-5 business days for first aid kits to be assembled and shipped.
  • To ensure best quality and timely delivery, in rare cases we may substitute items in our kits and modules with products of equal or better quality.


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