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Elector PSP, 9 ml (Treats Mites + Lice in Chickens)

Elector PSP, 9 ml (Treats Mites + Lice in Chickens)

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Flies, mosquitos, beetles and of course mites can all be a serious nuisance and even a health hazard for both livestock and humans alike. Elanco Elector PSP provides effective control of houseflies, darkling beetles, and northern fowl mites in your flock and even your coop!

This pest control spray is extremely effective, as it utilizes a dual-method of control; larvicide and adulticide, so there is only one product to mix and apply.

Veterinarian recommended, Elanco Elector PSP concentrate is one of the most effective, safest, and easiest to use solutions to manage and prevent mites, lice, flies, beetles and even mosquitos in your poultry flock. Additionally, Elanco Elector PSP can be successfully used with chickens and has NO EGG WITHDRAWAL, period! 

Elector PSP's active ingredient (spinosad bacterium) does not require workers to use protective equipment to apply, and typically needs only be applied once to be effective against mites and lice. It’s also safe for the environment, pet friendly AND pollinator friendly (doesn’t harm bees, etc.)! 👍🐝🌸


IMPORTANT NOTE: We ship this bottle in a black reclosable bag to prevent light degradation. Elector PSP *MUST* be stored in a cool, dark location until use as light degrades the active ingredient. 


How to Use Elector PSP

  • Shake well prior to and during use.
  • Prepare solution immediately prior to use.
  • Dilute entire bottle (9 ml) of Elector PSP in one gallon of water (or 45 drops of Elector PSP for a 16 oz spray bottle).
  • Spray flock as necessary, being sure to wet the feathers and skin around the vents and crests of crested breeds.
  • Re-application may be done every 7 to 10 days as needed, or when fly populations reach nuisance levels.


Tips + Tricks

Elector PSP does NOT expire; however, the active ingredient can settle, so be sure to shake well before using. Also, be sure to store in a cool, dark place as UV light can degrade the active ingredient.

Want to make application a cinch? Apply to your flock after dark when they have gone to roost, as they essentially shut down and are much easier to handle. Additionally, this method is less stressful to the birds.

Elanco Elector PSP is also great for your coop as well (not just your flock)! Be sure to fully clean your coop as thoroughly as possible before applying and be sure to also spray any and all crevices.




Elector PSP – Easy Use Guide


No returns or refunds. Does NOT Ship Internationally. 

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