People are always asking about what should be in a Poultry First Aid Kit, and so here's "THE LIST" of the bare minimum contents one should have on hand (and what things are used for). ⛑️


** UPDATED: 7/20/2023 **


* See individual medications for dosages and proper use.

** No egg withdrawal means eggs are safe to eat after using this treatment.

*** Scroll to the bottom for graphic description & links.


1. Nutri-Drench — Vitamin supplement. Dosage: .5cc just inside the beak twice a day or add 1cc per gallon to the water source. Change the water daily. *No egg withdrawal*


2. CORID — Treats Coccidiosis. Dosage: liquid- 1 tsp per gallon of water. Powder- 3/4 tsp per gallon of water.

Make sure it is the only water source for 7 days. Wait 10 days and repeat for 3 days. *No egg withdrawal*



3. Elector PSP — For mites and lice. Spray birds from neck down and around vent. Do not drench them. Spray coop thoroughly. Repeat in 1 week. *No egg withdrawal*



4. Ivermectin Cattle Pour On — Deworms and keeps parasites such as lice, mites & fleas off of your birds (or Elector PSP for mites and lice which is better IMO).

Dosage: use the eyedropper and place one drop (not a full syringe, just a drop) under each wing, one drop between the shoulders and one drop by the vent. Repeat in 10 days. Egg withdrawal: 7 days. Use with hesitancy and caution, as this medication can be caustic to their tissue…


5. Poultry Cell — Cures Wry Neck. Dosage: 1cc placed just inside the beak and let them swallow. Do this twice a day for 7 days. *No egg withdrawal*



6. Vetericyn — Fast healing wound spray *No egg withdrawal*


7. VetRx — Used as supportive care for a respiratory illness to make them feel better (will not cure illness). Dosage: Place 2-3 drops under wings and on the beak and wattles. *No withdrawal*



8. Monistat — Cures sour crop/vent gleet. Dosage: cut ovules into thirds. Feed one piece to the chicken twice a day for 7 days. *1 week withdrawal from last dose*

Cut one suppository into 1/3 and give orally once a day for a week. You can also give .0.25 cc Monistat cream orally twice a day for a week. If the crop is severely impacted the only option is surgery. Also put the cream on the outside of the vent on the raw inflamed areas daily.


9. Safe-Guard — Dewormer. Dosage: place a pea sized amount into the mouth of each chicken. Repeat in 10 days. *No egg withdrawal for AquaSol; 17 Days for Goat*


10. Vet Wrap — to wrap wounds such as bumblefoot or wrap.



11. Eyedropper — to administer Ivermectin.


12. Terramycin — Eye ointment used for infections or corneal abrasions. Dosage: place a little sliver in the eye twice a day until symptoms are gone. *No egg withdrawal*


13. Triple Antibiotic Ointment (WITHOUT pain meds) — to help heal wounds and abrasions.



14. Gauze Squares — To cover wounds, deal with bleeding, etc.



15. Nitrile Gloves — You’ll need to wear these if you have a chicken with bumblefoot. You’ll need to cut into the area and squeeze out the hard waxy kernel. This is the infection. Apply Neosporin or vetericyn Wrap and separate chicken from flock. Change bandage daily.



16. Calcium — Most chicken feed contains calcium nowadays and oyster shell should always be offered (not mixed in) separately 24/7.


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MED KIT CONTENTS (shown in the graphic) —

  1. Towel
  2. Trauma Shears (
  3. Tweezers (
  4. Aspirin (
  5. Tongue Depressors (
  6. Gauze Pads (
  7. Vet Wrap (
  8. Triple-Antibiotic (
  9. Q-Tips (
  10. Epsom Salt
  11. Preparation H
  12. Corn Starch
  13. Saline Solution (
  14. Flashlight
  15. Nitrile Gloves (
  16. Irrigation Syringe (
  17. Eyedropper