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VetRx Poultry Remedy, 2oz

VetRx Poultry Remedy, 2oz

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All-Natural VetRx Poultry Aid is for use in chickens, bantams, ducks, and game birds. A few drops every few weeks can help relieve colds, croup, scaly legs, and eye worms. Use also as a conditioner.

Proudly made in the USA. Trusted for over 100 years!

Alcohol U.S.P. (3.3% V-V), Canada balsam, Camphor, Origanum Oil, Rosemary Oil, blended in a corn oil base.



Individuals: Place a few drops warm undiluted VetRx down throat of bird at night. Rub some warm undiluted VetRx over heads of birds and under wings.
1 tsp warm VetRx/cup very warm water.

Flocks: Spray warm VetRx solution over birds. Use full strength on heads, eyes and under wings. Add a few drops into drinking water each time it is changed.
Vaporizer (hot water model): Follow manufacturer's directions. Fill cup with full strength VetRx and operate for >=1h while birds roost.
Maintenance: Sprinkle a few drops in litter q4-5d. Add a few drops to drinking water each time it is changed.

Show birds: Place a few drops of warm VetRx under one wing.
Breeding birds: Pour entire bottle into at least 3 qt of room temperature lay mash. Let stand in warm room temperature overnight. Next day, place treated mash in a container and set aside for 2 weeks. Mix thoroughly 1 tbsp once daily in feed for every 20 birds.
Dressing comb and wattles: Apply to comb, wattles and beak for several days. May also apply to shanks and toes.


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