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Potable Aqua Plus (Water Purification Tablets)

Potable Aqua Plus (Water Purification Tablets)

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Used and trusted by military and emergency organizations worldwide, Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets With PA Plus disinfect contaminated drinking water in any situation.
Included are two types of tablets: Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets to make water bacteriologically suitable to drink, and PA Plus tablets to neutralize the after-taste and color in the water.
It only takes two germicidal water purification tablets and two PA Plus tablets to disinfect one quart (one liter) of water. These portable water treatment tablets are effective against bacteria and Giardia lamblia within 35 minutes.

  • Iodine-based water purification tablets and PA + Plus neutralizing tablets
  • Wipes out bacteria and other micro-organisms such as viruses and protozoa found in unsafe water
   Proven effective against Giardia Lamblia when use as directed
   PA + Plus removes the iodine taste and color from water treated with Potable Aqua
   For short term or limited emergency use only
   Great for backpacking, camping, hiking, travel, and emergencies
   Approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
   Treats up to 25 quarts
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