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aLOKSAK Waterproof Bags (Multi-Pack)

aLOKSAK Waterproof Bags (Multi-Pack)

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Tested and approved by the US Navy NEDU (Navy Experimental Dive Unit), NASDS and North American Fishing Club. Leak-proof airtight seal, Water/Air/Dust-proof, Certified at 200 ft depths, FDA approved material, Cold rated to -40, flexible and shatterproof, reusable and recyclable.

  • Keeps items dry under water to depths below 200 feet/60 meters for periods of years.
  • Safe, shatterproof, quiet, holds oddly shaped objects.
  • Simple as using a typical zip-closure type bag, but the liquid tight protection of a hard case box . Other soft-sided systems require several steps to close and are not guaranteed to be air or liquid-tight.
  • The 6 millimeter film of the aLOKSAK is on par with PVC of the same thickness in terms of durability, but has a lower cold-crack tolerance (minus 40 F.) than that of PVC / Vinyl (0 degrees F.).

Use aLOKSAK for anything that needs protection from the elements: Wallets, Medications, Passports, Documents, Cell phones, Maps, Palm-Pilots, Books, Film, Food, Batteries, GPS, Jewelry, Clothing, Cash, CDs. Perfect for storing medical supplies and kits, a good short term biohazard bag, inflate for a pillow or cushion, store metals to keep from tarnishing, ice pack, evidence bag.

(1) 4.5" x 7"
(1) 6.75" x 6"
(1) 9" x 6"
(1) 12" x 12"


Sold as a set.

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